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Ferrari 488 GTB

Owning one of Ferrari cars may be an impossible dream for many, Easy Deal introduces the magic solution for this problem, if you are in Dubai, so you get the opportunity to rent Ferrari in Dubai quickly and easy.

Easy Deal offers you the 488 GTB in coupe and Spider versions,  the 488 GTB comes with its traditional V8 engine, it is still new, its powerful engine comes with a 661-horsepower V8 and reaches 100 km/h at a time of under three seconds. Its top speed reaches over 325 km/h.

Ferrari 488 spider

Ferrari 488 spider is considered one of the fastest cars on the world, it is powered by a unique exquisite twin-turbo V8, it’s  661 horsepower, it reaches 100 km/h at a time of only three seconds.

In fact, every Ferrari is unique, all these models make the Ferrari family for more than 60 years of unique experience in manufacturing and engineering the best driving performance.

It may not be the only one that can be said to be the strongest car, but it certainly resonates without a doubt. This wonderful combination of unique engine, gearbox, push, chassis and all that makes Ferrari one of the most attractive and most desirable cars to drive a truly enjoyable ride.

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